When The System Opens After The Age Of 100, All Grandchildren Kneel Upon The Mountains!
Chapter 69
Xiao Chen, a time-traveler nearing the age of one hundred, was peacefully preparing to spend the rest of his life. Suddenly, a system activated, rewarding him for his family’s childbirth. Not only would he become stronger, but his lifespan would also reverse! “Procreate, quickly procreate!” he...
Action Fantasy Martial Arts Long Strip Web Comic Full Color Drama
Magic Level 99990000 All-Attribute Great Sage
Chapter 66
Magic Level 99990000 All-Attribute Great Sage All over the world, Monsters suddenly began appearing. The only person who could save humanity from “The Calamity” was “The Great Sage”, Ichikami Atsumu. But, despite being satisfied in his death, he was reincarnated into the body of a boy who wa...
Fantasy Long Strip Adventure Isekai Reincarnation Magic
I Randomly Have A New Career Every Week
Chapter 615
After being fired from his company, Lin Yi accidentally gets the All-Pro Experience System. Lin Yi relies on the various career arrangements and generous rewards given by the system to achieve his ambition and path to wealth step by step, becoming the ultimate all-powerful big brother who dominates ...
Long Strip Web Comic Romance Drama Harem Adaptation
The Last Human
Chapter 574.1
Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he'd died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he'll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggl...
Action Web Comic Full Color Comedy Supernatural Horror Survival Time Travel Thriller Post-Apocalyptic Zombies
Battle Armor Academy
Chapter 8
In the mysterious and unpredictable Battle Domain Continent, there is an ancient legend that the world will shatter during the calamity, and only the chosen Son of Heaven can save the people. The male protagonist, Han Shen, accidentally crosses over to the Battle Domain Continent, becoming the fa...
Action Fantasy Martial Arts Drama Villainess