It's Over! Empress’ Husband is Actually Invincible

It's Over! Empress’ Husband is Actually Invincible
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    完了啊!女帝的软饭丈夫居然无敌; Wanliao Ah! Nvdi De Ruan Fan Zhangfu Juran Wudi; Empress' Husband is Actually Invincible; It's Over! Empress' Husband Is Actually Invincible; It's Over! The Queen's Soft Rice Husband Is Actually Invincible; Mở Đầu Nữ Đế Làm Chính Cung; The King's Soft Rice; Wánliǎo Ah! Nǚdì De Ruǎn Fàn Zhàngfū Jūrán Wúdí

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    Action - Fantasy - Martial Arts - Long Strip - Web Comic - Full Color - Wuxia - Comedy - Romance - Isekai - Drama

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Xiao Tian, a human on earth, was summoned by Empress Zi Ruoyan to the Great Yan Dynasty to become her husband at the time of life and death, and got a "Strongest Supreme System", but Xiao Tian only wanted to be the ultimate soft rice prince of the Empress! So he resolutely rejected the system, but he didn't expect that the strong system's style of painting would suddenly change into a "dog-licking system"? ! 【You are a creature from the super high-dimensional plane Earth! 】【This system can only be your slave! 】【Master, please control yourself, you may accidentally kill this system! 】


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