Master: This Villainous Disciple Is Not The Holy Child

Master: This Villainous Disciple Is Not The Holy Child
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    Master: This Villainous Disciple Is Not the Holy Child; Maestra, este Discípulo Villano no puede ser el Hijo Sagrado; Este Discípulo Tan rebelde No Puede Ser un Discípulo Santo; 师尊:这个冲师逆徒才不是圣子; Shi Zun: Zhege Chong Shi Nitu Cai Bushi Sheng Zi; Shī Zūn: Zhège Chōng Shī Nìtú Cái Bùshì Shèng Zǐ; Devious Son Of Heaven; Offending My Master; Master: This Disciple Rebelling Against His Master Isn't the Son of God; Sư Tôn: Nghịch Đồ Này Mới Không Phải Là Thánh Tử

  • Authors

    枫七月 - 原点格子工作室

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    Action - Fantasy - Martial Arts - Long Strip - Web Comic - Full Color - Wuxia - Historical - Ecchi - Harem - Sexual Violence

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A hundred years ago, Chu Xiu transmigrated from Earth to Cang Qiong Continent, and received the Destined Villain System. After killing countless holy sons and daughters, he was surrounded by the older generation, and self destructed, possessing Tai Su Sacred Ground Yun Xia Mountain’s senior disciple. This time, he decided to lay low and develop strength. Let’s start small, what about becoming a saint admired by thousands?


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