I am Han Sanqian

I am Han Sanqian
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    我是韩三千; I'm Han Sanqian; Han Sanqian; I Am Han Sanqian; Wo Shi Han Sanqian; Wǒ Shì Hán Sānqiān; Counterattack of the Superrich House Husband

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    Long Strip - Full Color - Romance - Drama

I am Han Sanqian Rating: 5.0/5 - 359 Reviews
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Han Sanqian has been in Zuo Su's family for three years and was called the trash son-in-law because of his relatives. In order to prevent his wife Su Yingxia from being humiliated by others, Han Sanqian worked secretly to become a super son-in-law and began preparing for payback.


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