Reborn 80,000 Years

Reborn 80,000 Years
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    重生八万年; Return of Cultivator Vision of Eighty Millenniums; 8만년만에 회귀하다; Lahir Kembali Setelah 80.000 Tahun; Reborn 80,000 Years Later; Renacido Luego de 80.000 Años; Return of Cultivator: Vision of Eighty Millenniums; The Star Emperor; Trùng Sinh Tám Vạn Năm; Trọng Sinh Sau Tám Vạn Năm; Wake Up After 80,000 Years

  • Authors

    Zhang Yue Culture

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  • Genres

    Fantasy - Martial Arts - Long Strip - Web Comic - Full Color - Adventure - Supernatural - Drama

Reborn 80,000 Years Rating: 5.0/5 - 228 Reviews
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A generation of strong stars, Stardust, died at the hands of the villain and fell accidentally. When I woke up, I had been sleeping for 80,000 years. Things have changed. The four adopted sons have already become the strong men of the continent; a wild dog that has been saved has become the supreme demon king… that child, it is said 40,000 years ago, overcame common customs and became supreme! Observing the small sorrows of tens of thousands of years ago, one by one, Yang Chen feels that Yalishan is great! This is a little loaded. --- The God of Cosmos was framed and persecuted after he failed in the competition over the crown of lord. No one would expect he could come back to life 80 thousand years later. This time his soul was accidentally bounded with Yang Chen, the son of a servant. Unfortunately, Yang Chen, the original body owner, was the worst at cultivation. How could the God of Cosmos start his revenge planed for 80 millenniums?


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