One Sword Reigns Supreme

One Sword Reigns Supreme
One Sword Reigns Supreme Rating: 5.0/5 - 494 Reviews
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Due to an internal strife within his family to exploit the rights to the mines, Ye Xuan was then crippled due to his elders sending someone against him. However, through a fortuitous encounter, followed by the condition of dripping his blood onto his dead mother's ring, he was able to make a great master's spirit reappear and teach him the "Dao of The Sword". With the help of the mysterious woman as his master, his life starts to change. Will his life start to finally take a turn for the better? or for the worse? Follow him on this storm - ridden journey of his, as he breaks through realms, defeat his enemies, get some of dem thicc, tsundere, cute, and yandere(?) waifus, and reach the peak of martial arts with the sword! PS: Don't worry peeps, it is still ongoing!


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