The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital

The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital
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    从精神病院走出的强者; Cường Giả Đến Từ Trại Tâm Thần; The Strong Man From the Mental Hospital; The Strongest From the Asylum; 感電したら最強ソルジャーになった件; The Mighty Warrior From a Mental Hospital

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    Action - Fantasy - Martial Arts - Long Strip - Web Comic - Full Color - Comedy - Drama

The Strong Man From The Mental Hospital Rating: 5.0/5 - 363 Reviews
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This is a world where evil creatures are gradually rampaging. However, the evil creatures are strong, they all disappear after this mental hospital, and even without dignity, they are reduced to ingredients and pets. This is the green mountain mental hospital, where talents are abundant and strong people are surrounded. In this regard, the seriously ill Lin Fan, who is carrying the system, said: I am definitely not a mental patient, I am a normal person who likes to cultivate. Usually is to touch the socket, climbing high voltage box, thunder days standing on the rooftop to the heavens dance a stick method.


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